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Lead Champion discover: the software for lead generation

Recognizes the companies that visited your website and ranks them according to the relevance to your business

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Lead Champion discover is the lead generation software for B2B companies who want to increase leads coming from their website. Using a proprietary technology, Lead Champion discover provides detailed business info about the companies who visited your website even if they didn’t fill any form.

If your customers are companies, Lead Champion discover is the lead generation tool who uncovers the hidden potential of your website


Improve ROI of your online campaigns and find out what your prospects are interested in


Discover new business opportunities


Find out contacts with real interest in your product


Lead generation - clienti B2B


Discover among your anonymous visits
the companies which showed interest
in your business

Lead generation - lead scoring


Each lead is ranked by a score calculation
which can be customized according to
the particularityof your business


Each lead is enriched by detailed information
such as company name, category,
number of employees, VAT number, sales turnover,
social profiles and contact details

Lead generation - movie visita B2B Lead Champion discover


There is available a movie
showing the details of the navigation
made by user on your website

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